What is the American Board of Criminalistics?

The ABC is composed of regional and national organizations which represent forensic scientists. Each organization is entitled to one member on the ABC Board of Directors and one member on the ABC Examination Committee. The representatives from these organizations can answer any questions about the ABC, certification examinations, proficiency testing, and related issues.

ABC Accreditation

The ABC was the first Certification body Accredited by the Forensic Specialty Accreditation Board. Click on the FSAB logo.

Our Purpose

The Forensic Science community has an obligation to:

  • Establish professional levels of knowledge, skills and abilities;
  • Define a mechanism for achieving these levels;
  • Recognize those who have demonstrated attainment of these levels;
  • Promote growth within the profession.

What is Certification?

Certification is a voluntary process of peer review by which a practitioner is recognized as having attained the professional qualifications necessary to practice in one or more disciplines of criminalistics. The ABC offers a certificate in comprehensive criminalistics, as well as in the specialty disciplines of molecular biology, drug chemistry, fire debris analysis, trace evidence - hairs and fibers and trace evidence - paints and polymers.